About us

Food is Italian happiness, and this is the true truth. Opened in May 2016, the family pasteurie Rustica, preaches a love for food, singing in various variations all the most famous dishes of Mediterranean cuisine – pizza, pasta and risotto. The cozy atmosphere of the hall emphasizes the origins of the philosophy of our institution – home and family, where, as is known, there are no casual people.
Be not just guests, but good friends of the Rastica Pasteur!


ТРЦ «СарыАрка» Astana


ТРЦ «СарыАрка» Астана1

ТРЦ «СарыАрка» Астана2

ТРЦ «СарыАрка» Астана3

ТРЦ «СарыАрка» Астана4


Almaty Kinoplexx Sary-Arka 3D


Алматы Kinoplexx Sary-Arka 3D1

Алматы Kinoplexx Sary-Arka 3D2

Алматы Kinoplexx Sary-Arka 3D3

Алматы Kinoplexx Sary-Arka 3D4